Viewing a movie at the Malta Drive-In Theatre offers you much more freedom than visiting the multiplex, but there are some basic rules that should be followed to increase your enjoyment, as well as the enjoyment of fellow patrons.

  • Hang onto your admission tickets as you may be asked to produce them by parking attendants. IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE A TICKET AT THE BOX OFFICE PLEASE NOTIFY THEATRE MANAGEMENT IN THE SNACK BAR.
  • No outside food or beverage is allowed onto the grounds of the theatre without purchase of an Outside Food and Beverage Permit. The Outside Food and Beverage Permit may be purchased at the ticket booth on the way in and entitles the occupants of the vehicle to consume food and beverages that were brought along. Sharing with others arriving in other vehicles is strictly prohibited. The price of an Outside Food and Beverage permit is $7 per vehicle for each evening.

  • Drive slowly & carefully; there are children about. 

  • Be courteous, do not park your vehicle so as to block the view of the vehicles behind you. 

  • Vehicle lights are to be off or covered while parked. Many vehicles have daytime running lights that can be disabled while the parking brake is engaged. Owner’s manuals also tell how to disable these.

  • Smoking is allowed in the field, but it is PROHIBITED within the snack bar and restrooms.

  • Do not disturb or distract other patrons.  They paid to see the movie too. 

  • Please be neat.  Place your trash either in the garbage cans at the snack bar or behind the box office. We appreciate your help in keeping the grounds safe and clean for everyone!

  • Please wear shoes while visiting our theatre. We do our best to clean the field but it is impossible to eliminate all broken glass.
  • We have a no shoes, no shirt, no service policy in our snack bar. 

  • Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children.  If your child is doing something he/she shouldn't be, you may be asked to leave. 

  • Those who tamper with or destroy property will be asked to leave immediately and face possible prosecution.  This includes the speaker poles. 

  • Campfires and BBQ grills are prohibited for safety. 

  • You MAY NOT for any reason sit on the roof of your vehicle.  YOU MAY sit on the hood of cars/SUVs and the bed of trucks. 

  • There is no re-admittance if you leave the theatre at any time.  If you wish to re-enter, you will have to pay at the gate again. 

  • Pets are allowed in the theatre, but not in the snack-bar.  If you choose to bring them to the drive-in they must be leashed and must be left in your vehicle if you will not be around the vehicle. 

  • We will not allow any deliveries into the theatre.  If you walk past the box office, to receive a delivery you will have to pay to re-enter as per our re-entry policy. 

  • You may occupy only one spot per vehicle.  It may look like you can't fit two cars in between two poles, but you can if you park within a foot of the pole. Park so the pole is fully in front of door to be opened or fully behind so that you will not have damage to your car from a swinging door!


  • TRUCKS, VANS, SUVs, and other large vehicles must park next to SILVER POLES ONLY. Parking of a truck, van or SUV next to a red pole is not allowed! RED POLES are reserved for CARS or other small vehicles. Cars may park at a silver pole if they intend to watch the movie with friends that have a large vehicle… however we will not ask a vehicle to move if it has blocked the view of a car next to a silver pole.

  • Saving spots is not allowed.  All spots are taken on a first come first serve basis. 

  • Hatchbacks and lift-gates may not be raised higher than the top of the vehicle as this may block the view of vehicles behind. Please ask for twine in the snack bar and you can tie your door even with your roof.

  • Chairs, blankets, and other such items must be either in front of or behind your vehicle.  You may only occupy one spot per vehicle.


If you violate ANY of these rules, you may be told to leave.  If you refuse to leave, we will have the police escort you out.

If you have trouble starting your vehicle, please come to the snack bar and we will assist you with a jump start.